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Floyd: House, System & Network status

Floyd is the project name for 1401 Floyd Ave consisting of a home automation system, networking and internet presence

The Floyd project is an attempt to automate a house as much as possible with (most of the time) reasonable technology choices. So far, a good 30% of choices have turned out to be bleeding edge as opposed to leading edge technologies, mostly proving that more research and less hype goes a long way towards reducing surprises (rocket scientist to figure that one out?).

What does Floyd consist of?

For more information, see PointyHair -- many scripts and programs are available in the file galleries


FloydNet logical diagram

Legend: 1 1Gigabit, 2 100MB-FD, 3 10-100MB, 4 USB, parallel or GPRS, 5 PSTN/GSM phone lines, 6 Other (X10, relays, sensors), S Switch, W Wireless

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